What's Wrong with Me? I Go On Dates, and They All Leave Me

You're at the height of your career and have achieved great success, but you constantly struggle with your love relationships. How can everything work out so well with your career, yet all your relationships fail? You find yourself asking time and again: "Why do they all leave me?"
At Marlborough House, we understand the challenges people face when dating. We have a team of highly experienced therapists and professionals who can work with you using the best method to treat your particular problems.


Academic and Business Intellect Are Different from Relationship Education and Intelligence


The skills you acquired to be successful in the academic or business worlds were ones you probably worked hard to achieve. So it would be a mistake to assume that no work or skill is involved with making a relationship a success. You need a different set of skills to make a relationship work than you do for academia and business success.


Are You Insensitive to Your Date's Needs?


If you're a success at work, you probably know how to be a team leader, develop strategies, manage projects and control situations. If you're a man and use those same traits while dating at woman, she might view you as too assertive, maybe even thinking you're a jerk or a player. If you're a woman who displays those traits while dating men, men might view you as someone to compete with instead of someone to connect with.


Have You Given Up on Dating?


Some men and women, when continually frustrated by having no success in the dating arena, give up. They instead go their own ways. They lose the incentive to date and spend their efforts on making themselves happy from their material success. But if having a loving relationship is your goal, don't call it quits too soon.


Do You Know Who Your Partner Is?


Instead of coming on too strongly with your dates and showing how successful you are, get to know people. This person could turn into your future partner. To get to know your date, you need to understand the person and to learn what he or she holds important. Let things happen naturally. Learn to receive more and control less.


Do You Know How Others View You?


It's important to spend some time on self-reflection. You need to do the work to change your habits that don't bring you success while dating. Keep in mind, also, that when you do start a new relationship, possessing the knowledge of how to repair that relationship when hiccups happen is a key skill for any couple. Neither person is solely responsible.


Why You Can Trust the Marlborough House to Help You Have a Loving Relationship


Our experts can show you how to understand your partner. You need to know what is important to that person, how your partner processes information and how you can act on this information. Once we teach you how to do this using methods such as counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and psychometric testing, you should be able to be as successful in your relationships as you are in other areas of your life.


Start to Enjoy a Successful Loving Relationship


Call Marlborough House at 01823 272227 to arrange a free consultation today. Come in and chat with one of our highly experienced therapists and professionals who can help you achieve success in love. Once we get a deeper understanding of who you are, we can recommend a treatment plan designed to help you with your relationships.

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