Our Relationship Has Gone Flat. Can We Ignite the Spark Again?

You and your partner have been in a relationship for a while now and just don't communicate with each other the way you once did. You feel as if the two of you don't really know each other anymore. Has your relationship gone flat or is it dead?


At Marlborough House, we understand the challenges couples face in a long-term relationship. We have a team of highly experienced therapists and professionals who can work with you using the best method to treat your particular problems.


Couples Need to Discuss More than Chores and Children


There needs to be good communication in a relationship to keep it strong. Your marriage can die if you and your partner stop talking to each other in meaningful ways. It's important to discuss deeper issues with each other than household chores and children's schedules. Sure, you need to discuss those topics, but that shouldn't be all you talk about.


Do You Communicate Ineffectively and Fit a Common Type?


Sometimes couples stop talking when the talk leads to arguments or is otherwise not fun anymore. Do you fall into one of these ineffective communication patterns?


  • The Criticiser: Either you or your partner show obvious disinterest in what the other person is saying or find constant fault with what is being said.
  • The Lecturer: Do you or your partner lecture without giving the other person a chance to chime in? The lecturer is more interested in what he or she has to say than in having a conversation. The listener eventually avoids the lecturer.
  • The Secret Holder: If you or your partner has done something to harm the relationship, such as not being honest about finances, this could lead to avoiding the partner to evade communication altogether.
  • The Interrogator: This person demands answers to questions, such as where you went for lunch today. The other person might answer, but this type of constant questioning leads to emotional distancing.

The Longer You've Lived in Silence, the Harder It Is to Repair the Damage


It's possible to learn to communicate with your partner again, but it isn't always easy or natural after living with bad communication for a while. The longer you and your partner have lived in silence, the more difficult it can be to undo the damage. Bad communication often signals a slow disconnection between partners, even though there might not be outright anger. But that doesn't mean one or both of you aren't feeling hurt or even rage that your relationship is suffering so much.


Why You Can Trust the Marlborough House to Help you Ignite the Spark Again


Whether your problem communicating is from anger or apathy, you can learn to communicate and ignite the spark again. If you have a real desire to revive what has been lost and to rekindle what you once had, the coaches at Marlborough House Therapy Centre can help you start that process and stand by you to guide you through to the end. They can also help you finish the relationship in as comfortable and amicable a way as possible if that's the avenue you think is needed.


Start to Have a Meaningful Relationship Again


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