I Constantly Pick the Wrong People When Dating

Picking the wrong people when dating?


Finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with is arguably the most important decision you can make in your life. Have you had a constant string of failures in the dating arena? Do people keep letting you down just when you thought you found the right one? How do you find happiness and a loving relationship? How do you know who will be the right person for you?

At Marlborough House, we understand the challenges people face when trying to find lasting love. We have a team of highly experienced therapists and professionals who can work with you using the best method to treat your particular problems.


Why Do I Keep Picking the Wrong People?


If you didn't have good role models when you were growing up, it can be difficult to envision what a healthy relationship is. You might be able to date, but the relationships often end, and you aren't quite sure why. Maybe you're attracting the wrong types of people, and you keep doing the same things over and over because you don't know any other way. Maybe you aren't going to the right places to meet the people suitable for a lasting relationship. Maybe you don't have the confidence needed to attract the people you can have a healthy relationship with.


There Are Common Misconceptions with Dating


Sometimes you sabotage what could be a good relationship by misconceptions you might have. For example, it is nice if you have an instant attraction to someone, but you don't need one to form a lasting relationship. You can develop emotions for someone over time, which can lead to a romantic relationship. Another trap people fall into is thinking they can change someone. You need to realise that a person can change only if he or she wants to, not because you can change that person.


You Can Learn How to Have a Lasting Relationship


It's possible to learn how to solve any negative repetitive cycle you might have. Once you are in a good relationship, there are always bumps along the road to happiness. When you run into those bumps, you need to know how to get over them. Getting over the "bumps" or difficult times in relationships involves skills, such as compromise, self-reflection and a willing spirit.


Why You Can Trust the Marlborough House to Help You Find Lasting Love


We at Marlborough House Therapy Centre understand that certain traits in people attract people who like the expression of those traits. For example, if you're afraid of your date, you'll express fear and will attract partners who are attracted to that fear. But that's not exactly the right type of partner for you. We can help guide you through some of the traits you might be presenting that could be harming your chances in the dating game. We can help you focus on a relaxed you that attracts the right person.


Start to Enjoy Life with a Healthy, Lasting Relationship


Call Marlborough House at 01823 272227 today to arrange a free consultation. When you talk with one of our senior practitioners, you can learn the type of therapy you might need to help you pick the right person when dating. We offer counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and psychometric testing that have helped our clients. We can help you distinguish between what you want in a relationship and what you need and can provide you with the tools you need to find the right partner for you.

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