Ever Since We Had Children, We Just Argue

Every couple argues from time to time. But some couples constantly bicker and fight about anything and everything, arguing in front of the children.


Does any of this sound familiar to you?


  • You feel as if you're in a rut in your relationship.
  • You're starting to see cracks emerge in your relationship now that you've been a couple for a while.
  • You're stressed about paying the mortgage every month, meeting deadlines at work and trying to care for the children.
  • You find yourself arguing with your partner in front of the kids.

At Marlborough House, we understand the challenges couples face when raising children. We have a team of highly experienced therapists and professionals who can work with you using the best method to treat your particular problems. If you said, "yes," to any of the above, read on.


Arguing in Front of Children Causes Serious Damage


You might think your kids don't listen to you, particularly when you tell them to do something, but they don't miss a beat when you and your partner argue in front of them. And all that arguing, yelling and, maybe even, door slamming isn't doing anything good for your children. In fact, it can cause them serious damage. You don't even have to be arguing about your children. The fighting itself makes children emotionally insecure.

What My Arguing Is Doing to My Children

When you argue in front of your children, you are making it more likely for them to develop negative symptoms, such as depression, hostility, anger, aggression and anxiety. All that arguing scares children and threatens their secure home environment. The worst types of arguing to do in front of children include physical aggression, the silent treatment and loud fighting. Those types of fights are not only harming your children emotionally, they are unproductive and don't solve anything.

You Can Make a Better Home Life for Your Entire Family

Once you learn how to handle conflicts constructively, you and your partner's relationship will improve, and your children will learn good messages, such as compassion and compromise. Your home can be filled with love, warm feelings and laughter.

Why You Can Trust the Marlborough House to Help You and Your Partner Support Each Other

Are you ready to bring back the good old days when you and your partner were in the beginning stages of your relationship? If so, drop into Marlborough House Therapy Centre where our team of highly experienced therapists and professionals can help return the understanding to your relationship. We can help you find ways to diffuse tensions and turn those moments that could be arguments into a supportive moment of care. Your kids will see a kind parental unit instead of one torn apart by stress and arguments.

Start to Enjoy Life Again with Your Partner and Children

Call Marlborough House today at 01823 27227 to arrange a free consultation with one of our senior practitioners. We'll listen to you, and once we have a good understanding of your issues, we can recommend a treatment type designed to help your exact needs.

We offer an extensive range of treatments, such as counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and psychometric testing, all from qualified and registered therapists. You can't enjoy your children when you're embroiled in constant battles with your partner. But we at Marlborough House can help you change all that.

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