Better Relationships

Positive coaching to make your marriage or relationship happier and more fulfilling; a step to better relationships.

‘I think we’re happy together. We’re getting on, and we’ve settled into a comfortable routine. But I’m feeling more and more that a little of the spark and passion that brought us together has gone, and I’d love to get it back and enjoy a better relationship. I think my partner would too. But I don’t know how.’

Do you remember how wonderful life was when you first got together? The love, the shared intimacy, the playfulness? Everything seems agreeable at the moment – but keeping it all alive through the years ahead needs commitment and focus. Relationship counselling can help, as there are skills that you both need to learn to maintain the joyous high that you felt at the beginning.

Professional Relationship Advice

Our structured programme of simple steps will help revitalise your relationship or marriage, making it feel exhilarating again, and much more of a shared adventure. Feeling loved and wanted makes all the difference to couples, especially when they are busy with their separate jobs, friends, and hobbies.

Setbacks, too, are inevitable – problems at work, illness, conflicts in the family, arguments over seemingly trivial matters – and they need to be coped with. Relationship therapy will help you both understand what you each need to do to resolve them quickly and easily.

With our relationship guidance you will learn:

* insights into your own essential needs and those of your partner

* the huge differences between the sexes, and how these can cause problems

* insights into how your partner views the world and your relationship

* the individual roles that you are your partner need to play to keep your union at a peak

* what to do about loss of passion

* the importance of planning for a shared future, so that your own individual life goals are understood and respected, encouraging security and continuing commitment

* how crystal-clear communication with your partner is vital to a loving relationship

* ways to keep passion and intimacy alive

* how to cope with inevitable conflicts and arguments

* the importance of humour and playfulness to shared happiness

If you feel that your relationship could be richer and more fulfilling, please contact us for a free preliminary chat to see how we can help.
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Also please have a read of our free E-book ” Your Relationship on the High C’s” downloadable in PDF format here:

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