Who can the program help?

The program can help anyone who is unhappy in their relationship, who thinks their relationship can be improved, or who wants to be in a good and fulfilling relationship but is stuck in a cycle of frustrating behaviours.

Why use psychometric tests for relationships?

There are many psychometric tests and many free online varieties. Most personality tests will give you very helpful insights into your personality, motivations and how you behave when stressed or in conflict. We have several we use and recommend, such as SDI (the Strengths Deployment Inventory), Hogan supply the Hogan tests which offer several excellent tools and CEB.

Can I come alone or do I need to come with my partner?

Therapy can be an individual or joint process. Often it can be helpful to work in both ways to achieve the best results.

Is this therapy suited to my situation?

Book your free initial chat with an experienced therapist and see how we can help you.

Why coaching and counselling?

At Marlborough House we think that helping you to help yourself is necessary for the success of your relationship. Counselling and coaching will enable you to recognise patterns of behaviour and work towards a solution. You are an active participant which means, with the help and support of your therapist or coach, you are in charge of your own future happiness.

Can I book an online appointment outside of your normal opening hours?

Appointments for Online Consultations outside our normal opening hours are available by request, contact us at 01823 272 227 or Text +44 7850373537.

What do I need to take part in an online consultation?

We want to take the tech out of any online consultation. We'll work with the platform you use for online web chat; that way we can prevent adding any unecessary overheads to our clients, making the best of the time we have with you online.

We use Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype. If you have a device with any of these services we'll be able to speak to you online. If you're using any other platforms, we'll be happy to accomodate them where we can. 

How do I pay for a consultation?


You are required to pay for the costs of your online consultation when booking an online appointment.

Payment can be made after the online consultation by card or bank transfer. When making a booking, you will asked to select a payment method.

To pay by credit card select 'Credit Card Payment'. You will receive an email confirmation contain the details of your appointment along with an invoice. 

If you wish to pay by BACs transfer; select 'Offline Payment'. You will automatically be sent an invoice for your appointment, along with a booking confirmation containing detals of what you are required to pay. 

IMPORTANT: Please include your name and the invoice number in the BACs payment details. 

I haven't received an email confirmation for my booking?

After making an online booking, you will be sent an email confirmation containing the details of your appointment. This will be sent to the email address you entered when you made the booking. 

If you fail to receive an email, please check your email 'Junk' Spam' or 'Clutter' folder. 

Contact us if you have a query regarding your booking.