Is Your Marriage at the Point of Divorce? Don't Know What to Do?

Couples sometimes disagree on whether the marriage is at the point of divorce. One person might want a divorce and considers the marriage to be broken, and the other might disagree and want the relationship to continue. What do you do when you're at such an impasse?

At Marlborough House, we understand the challenges couples face in a marriage. We have a team of highly experienced therapists and professionals who can work with you using the best method to treat your particular problems.


'I Love You, But I'm No Longer In Love with You'


Those words can come as quite a shock for an unsuspecting spouse who might have believed the marriage was maybe a little rough, but not that bad. But if that's the way one spouse feels, and feels it strongly enough to tell you, it's time to act.


Case Story No. 1: A Troubled Couple Sees a Couples Counsellor Who Makes Matters Worse


A couple decided for the sake of a young son to see a couples counsellor, even though one spouse fell out of love. But the sessions went poorly. The counsellor's advice actually elevated the worries the couple had about themselves and injected a poison into the relationship. The sessions were filled with sniping, blaming and finger pointing in a misguided attempt to "get things in the open." The sessions did nothing but convince this couple that they were, indeed, set for divorce.


The Couple Tries a Better Approach Through Coaching


Not ready to admit defeat so fast, this couple tried a different approach: coaching. The coach gave this couple some learning tools to help them see eye to eye again and to start thinking about the needs of the other. The couple started to laugh again and build a friendship between them that they hadn't realised they lost. The coaching method helped this couple regain the faith in their marriage and rekindle the fire they had lost. The couple saved their marriage through hard work and belief in the relationship with the aid of relationship coaching.


Case Study No. 2: A Woman Trying to Deal with a Breakup with a Narcissist


A woman was going through a divorce, but her divorce lawyers were concerned about how she was coping with it. She couldn't handle the situation well after suffering 14 years of manipulation and mental abuse from her narcissistic husband. Her lawyers were impressed by the positive life changes she made after seeing a practitioner at the Marlborough House. This woman found the strength to leave her husband with her head held high and without the scar of the relationship following her into her later life.


Why You Can Trust the Marlborough House to Help Save Your Marriage or Guide You Through a Divorce


Both the couple from the first case study and the woman from the second case study found help at Marlborough House Therapy Centre. Our team of highly experienced professionals can work with you using the best treatment method for your particular needs. We offer counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and psychometric testing to our clients.


Start to Enjoy Life Whatever Direction It Takes You


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