Even if the reason for your unhappiness seems obvious to you, there are often longstanding issues that are rooted in your childhood. Things that happened long ago in your life can influence what is happening to you today.

Psychotherapy can help you identify and understand these forgotten influences. Once you understand, you can move on and regain your inner strength and happiness.

The initial visit is a period for you and the Marlborough House therapist to get to know each other. An important part of the psychotherapy process is building a good relationship between you and the practitioner. You will be asked what you believe is wrong in your life and about the symptoms you are experiencing. We will ask you to talk about your childhood, education, family, friends and work.

Psychotherapy is a long-term process. The therapy is about equipping you to recognise and use your inner strengths. You will learn how to recalibrate your life. After a course of sessions, you could find that your life is easier to manage and enjoy.